Volunteer with KyanTeb

Volanteer with Kyanteb

Out of our belief in the importance of the medical community’s role in raising the awareness of the Arab nation, we are pleased to welcome volunteers to join our team of medical writers.

Here are some guidelines for those who wish to volunteer with us:

  1. The writer should have a medical background in any of the medical fields.
  2. The writer should enjoy an adequate level of arabic eloquence and grammatical accuracy.
  3. Plagiarism is unacceptable!The articles should not be copied or transferred from any other website.
  4. A sample of your articles can be sent to the website’s email (…….) with the phrase (Volunteer with KyanTeb) in the subject of your email.
  5. A member of our website will contact you as soon as possible with a message entitled (Welcome to KayanTeb) with all the details you need to know to join us.

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