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Lumigan drops | The magical secret for long lashes

Lumigan drops

You may have heard lately about women using Lumigan drops because they want to have longer, prettier lashes!

What is the secret of this new trend? And will these drops really make your eyelashes longer and brighter?

Join me to learn the secrets of Lumigan drops and whether or not it is safe to use it for beauty purposes?


What are Lumigan drops?

Lumigan drops contain the active ingredient Bimatoprost, an analog of a natural substance in the body called Prostaglandin.

It’s also, available in two concentrations:

  • 0.1 mg/ml or (concentration 1).
  • 0.3 mg/ml or (concentration 3).


Lumigan drops 0.3 mg/ml are used; in the treatment of glaucoma, but the lower concentration is used to lengthen eyelashes.

Please note that all concentrations of the aforementioned drops are taken only with a prescription.


How were Lumigan drops approved for eyelash lengthening?

In 2001, the US FDA approved Bimatoprost for the treatment of glaucoma patients.

Concurrently, patients using the drug noticed that their eyelashes increased in length and gained a brighter appearance.

After patients repeatedly reported this observation; Scientists found that the rapid growth of eyelashes was a clear side effect, coinciding with the patients’ use of this drug for a long time.

Consequently; In 2008, the US FDA approved the use of Bimatoprost for eyelash lengthening.


Lumigan drops uses

The mechanism of action of Bimatoprost depends on regulating the flow of eye fluids; to maintain normal eye pressure.

Therefore, it is used in; the treatment of high eye pressure in cases of glaucoma, especially the open-angle type, and other eye diseases such as; high intraocular pressure.

Furthermore, using Lumigan eye drops protects the affected eye from blindness.

Lumigan drops also treats a rare condition called (Hypotrichosis) in which hair does not grow in some areas of the body, such as the head, the eyebrow area, or the eyelashes.

Hair loss may also result from other causes, including:

  • Autoimmune diseases such as Alopecia Areata.
  • Previous injuries in the eyebrow or eyelid area.
  • Thyroid disorders.
  • Malnutrition.


Moreover, the results of using Lumigan drops to combat eyelash shedding in cancer patients were promising.


How do Lumigan drops lengthen eyelashes?

The mechanism of action of Bimatoprost in increasing the length of eyelashes is not yet understood.

Eyelashes have a life cycle; just like scalp hair, they sprout, grow for a certain age, and then fall out.

Therefore, Lumigan is characterized by; working in two main directions:

First: increasing the lifespan of the eyelashes.

Second: Increasing the number of ingrown eyelashes.

Some studies suggest that Bimatoprost stimulates more hair follicles to remain in the growth phase.

In addition, it stimulates the dormant hair follicle to move from the resting phase to the growth phase.

Furthermore, other research has shown that eyelashes become thicker after 12 to 16 weeks of daily use.

However, most eyedrop users notice a remarkable change within two months of the first use.


Results of using the drops for eyelashes for 16 weeks

Several female volunteers underwent tests to prove the effectiveness of Bimatoprost on eyelashes. 

The tests showed the following results; 

  • Increase in the original eyelash length by 25%.
  • The eyelashes have increased in density and thickness by 106%.
  • The color of the eyelashes became 18% darker.


Perhaps a question comes to mind now, how to use Lumigan drops for eyelashes?


How to use Lumigan drops

How to use lumigan drops

Do not forget to remove all cosmetics from your eyes and face, also remove contact lenses before you start; using the drops.

Dip a sterilized eye brush in the solution, then apply it to the upper eyelid line by patting or touching it, starting from the inside near the nose and going outwards.

The medication will reach the lower eyelid with each eye blink.

You can use contact lenses again 15 minutes after using Lumigan.

It is best to use Lumigan for eyelashes every night before bed.

After 3 or 4 months of use, the doctor may advise following an intermittent routine by adding it to the upper eyelid once every two days.


Can Lumigan eye drops be used for eyebrows?

Lumigan drops concentration (0.3 mg/ml) are best suited for this use.

Although the US FDA has not approved its use for this purpose yet, it has been popularly used to thicken eyebrows.

Some studies indicate that using it once or twice daily on the eyebrow area; leads to obtaining the desired result.

You may notice that the color of the eyebrows has turned darker than before with prolonged use.


Lumigan drops for hair

The US FDA has not yet approved the use of Bimatoprost to treat hair loss.

However, there have been numerous studies and laboratory experiments to confirm the possibility of using Bimatoprost on the scalp for hair growth.

Further, the researchers implanted hair follicles in a nutrient-rich environment containing this substance.

They observed the growth of the transplanted hair by 15% to 25% after nine days of starting the experiment.

The effectiveness of this drug in cases of late baldness has not yet been proven, so doctors recommend using Bimatoprost in the early stages of hair loss.


What are the side effects of Lumigan drops?

Lumigan is safe for eyelashes and eyebrows for many people.

However, sometimes it causes some symptoms, such as:

  • Feeling of burning, tingling, or irritability.
  • Watery eyes.
  • Dry eyes.
  • Temporary eyelid darkening.
  • Temporarily unstable vision.
  • Vertigo.


Adding Bimatoprost to other areas around the eyelid may cause hair to grow, so you must remove any drops that fall outside the upper eyelid line.

Remember now; When you stop using Lumigan drops, the condition of your eyelashes will return to what they were before use.


The complications of Lumigan drops

Long-term use of the eye drops for several years or even months may cause permanent discoloration of the pupil, which is the colored part of the eye.

Other complications may also occur, including;

  • Itching or redness of the eye.
  • Swollen or red eyelids.
  • Eye discharge.
  • Light sensitivity.


Lumigan drop alternative

Some people may resort to using, Minoxidil, which is known to grow hair on the scalp, as an alternative to Lumigan Drops.

But the use of this substance is inappropriate to increase the length of eyelashes.


What is the price of Lumigan drops?

The Egyptian Ministry of Health has authorized the use of Lumigan for the treatment of; glaucoma, so it follows the fixed Egyptian drug prices.

The price of a Lumigan drop in Egypt reaches 154 EGP.

But, the price of Lumigan in Kuwait is 4,730 Kuwaiti dinars.

While in Saudi Arabia, its price is 56.20 SAR.

In conclusion, it is safe to use Lumigan drops to lengthen eyelashes as long as you strictly adhere to the medical recommendations.

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