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J Plasma | A cosmetic procedure revolution

J plasma

J Plasma tops search engine results because it represents a new revolution in the cosmetics world.

Sagging skin is a common problem that occurs to many of us. 

Some have tried to treat it with sports and a healthy eating regime but failed to tighten the skin and reach a satisfactory result.

Also, many women and men do not opt ​​for skin tightening surgery, especially if the problem is not severe.

So, If you have sagging skin, keep reading for more information on the J plasma skin tightening procedure.


Causes of sagging skin

Before we talk about the J plasma procedure, we must first know the sagging skin causes. 

Many reasons cause sagging skin, such as:

  • Aging.
  • Significant weight loss in a short time.
  • Pregnancy and birth.
  • Some diseases, such as cutaneous lymphoma.
  • Other rare diseases that result in a lack of collagen production.


What is J Plasma?

This technique tightens sagging skin through the use of helium and frequency waves.

It helps to reduce the size of the fibers, causing the skin to tighten, and it stimulates collagen, allowing the skin to contract as well.

The helium helps cool the area under tension.

This technique uses a small device with a long tube. 

The surgeon inserts a tube under the skin through a very small opening, thus avoiding the impact of surgical wounds.


Is J plasma a surgical procedure?

This technique eliminates the need for surgery and hence minimizes the risks and potential side effects.

It is performed by inserting the device tube under the skin through a very small opening, meaning that there are no surgical scars.

The patient is subjected to local anesthesia or complete anesthesia according to the patient’s desire and condition. 

Anesthesia is usually something the plastic surgeon discusses with the patient.

Some people believe that it dissolves fat, but this is not the case. 

Instead, it tightens the skin and eliminates sagging.


Is it possible to use J plasma without liposuction?

Yes, we can perform this technique to tighten the skin only without liposuction.

It can also be performed in cases that need liposuction, using VASER and other liposuction techniques, and then tightening the skin afterward.


J plasma vs Vaser

The distinction between them is significant; as previously stated, the first tightens the skin but does not dissolve fat.

On the other hand, Vaser breaks up and liquefies fat cells, without stretching the skin.

Doctors use both techniques concurrently to get the best results, but we have to be realistic in our expectations after the procedure and discuss all this with the doctor to choose the best technique for the case.


J plasma candidates

There are some cases where this technique is most appropriate, such as when the sagging is mild to moderate.

Moreover, the patient should not be allergic to the anesthetic used.

It is commonly used for the following areas:

  • J plasma tummy tuck
  • J plasma arm lift.
  • Neck contouring.
  • J plasma thigh lift.
  • It is also used for a buttocks lift.

As for the J plasma face lift, there is controversy about it among those who support it and those who see that it does not lead to great results.

Also, more areas respond than others according to the thickness of the skin.

For example, the abdomen is more responsive than the back.


J plasma results

Approximately 30% of the result appears immediately after the operation.

However, the result is significantly better after three months.

You may experience minor discomfort that can be managed with pain relievers and some redness 2 to 4 hours after the procedure.


Is J plasma safe?

The device used for this procedure is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

So, yes, it is safe to use.


Is J plasma permanent?

This technique is considered permanent, taking into account the post-operative advice, but some changes may occur due to age or weight gain.


J plasma recovery

The procedure can take an hour or more, depending on the areas tightened and the patient’s condition.

Skin redness or swelling may appear, and recovery time ranges from two to three weeks, depending on the individual’s response.

If the redness lasts longer than three weeks, cosmetics may help conceal it, especially if on the face.


Post-operative advice

j plasma tummy tuck

Some post-operative advice includes:

  • Maintain body weight.
  • Wear a corset to reduce pain and maintain procedure results.
  • Massage regularly to reduce swelling.


J-plasma skin tightening before and after

There is a question that intrigues many: Does J-Plasma really work?

Experiments have demonstrated the effectiveness of this technique, with results and effectiveness exceeding 90%.

Before the operation, the skin is flabby and had lost its youth and elasticity.

After the operation, however, the skin regains its vitality and youth and is tight.


J plasma side effects

This technique is safe because it does not result in a wound or a skin cut, as is the case with skin tightening surgeries.

But like a coin; Everything has two sides, there are some side effects, but all of them are fairly mild and controllable, such as:

  • Redness.
  • Swelling.
  • Tolerable pain in comparison to surgical pain.


J plasma cost

It is difficult to estimate the cost without first consulting with a doctor to determine the status of the case.

For example, one case may require skin tightening only, while another may need both; liposuction and skin tightening.

The cost also varies according to the areas to be tightened and their size.

It also depends on the experience of the treating doctor and whether you need general or local anesthesia.


Do we need to repeat this process?

Excellent results appear from the first time, and there is no need to repeat the process, but some people prefer to repeat in some cases to show the best result.


Other uses 

There are several uses for this technique other than slimming, such as:

  • Reduce scars.
  • Remove wrinkles to give skin a younger look.
  • Hide lines that appear with age.
  • Remove swelling around the eye.
  • Get rid of skin sunspots and hyperpigmentation.
  • Remove acne scars.


Finally, Is J plasma the best option? 

We cannot be certain because each case is unique.

However, this procedure is a breakthrough in the field of cosmetics as it can restore your youth in minutes, without surgery, and without major surgical scars.


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